Christian Danielsen


I'm Christian Danielsen, a web developer working remotely in beautiful Oregon.

Some things I'm into: JavaScript/TypeScript, the art of writing tests, continuous everything, and working on teams with a diverse group of people.

Here are some of my credentials. Please feel free to get in touch!

(In)Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: HotMess?

A: I hiked the Pacfic Crest Trail in 2010. On a long trail, it's a tradition to adopt an alter ego (a trail name). My propensity for misplacing things landed me the title of 'HotMess'.

Q: What's with the masthead?

A: If you work with JavaScript, you've probably encountered the famous wat talk, detailing some of JavaScript's best... eccentricities. I'm so enamored with the masthead expression (which evaluates to true in JS), that I'm considering getting a tattoo of it.