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July 01, 2019 by ChristianChristian Danielsen

Market thyself


I’ve been wanting to start a personal site for some time. As someone who purports to know about programming for the web, it feels a little, mmm… awkward? not having a website to lend some credibility to that idea. Other goals/ambitions for this site:

  • I mostly trade in back end services these days, but I’d like to get more skilled with front end work.
  • Four years in since I started writing code professionally, I’m finally starting to feel a little bit less like someone is going to take my job away. That feels nice, and I owe a huge debt to all the articles, tutorials and other resources out there. I’d like to try and pay that forward with some of my own contributions on topics I’ve become comfortable with.
  • Setting aside the self-congratulating altruism of above, I’m a big believer in teaching as the best way to learn. Hopefully writing about some technical topics will help me move toward mastery of them.
  • Fun? Maybe?

Make it so!

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