Christian Danielsen

Web Developer | JavaScript Specialist | Quality Mindset

Technical Skills

Languages and Frameworks
Modern JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, Vue/Vuex, React/Redux, GraphQL, PostgreSQL

Jest, Ava, Enzyme, Mocha, Sinon,, Postman, TestRail

Tooling and DevOps
Git/Gitflow, Docker, Jenkins, TeamCity, AWS

Scrum/KanBan, Pair Programming, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, GitHub, Trello

Essential Human / Developer Skills

  • Efficient researcher and autodidact
  • Constant and humble learner
  • Skilled communicator across mediums and audience types
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Empathetic and dedicated mentor

Development Experience

Senior Software Engineer - New Relic
Remote (October 2021 - Present)
  • Leading frontend development efforts on a team developing rich features to help New Relic users understand their data consumption, retention and limits
  • Communicate frequently with product owner, engineering manager, designer and other key organizational stakeholders to draft early stage features, create high level design documents and engineering-ready tickets
  • Coordinate engineering task distribution among team members, conduct frequent checkins to assess progress or blockers, and provide detailed code reviews and mentoring to drive features to release
  • Participate in a regular on-call pager rotation to triage and mitigate production system incidents
  • Identify critical technical debt and other opportunities for refactoring, and integrate this work into the development cadence to ensure codebases stay up to date and nimble
  • Budget time for innovation and industry best practices review to explore leading opportunities for improvement to development process and experience
Software Engineer - New Relic
Remote (October 2020 - October, 2021)
  • Collaborated within a small team of full stack engineers to deliver polished user interfaces (React, TypeScript) to help users understand their New Relic data consumption, retention and limits
  • Led development of several large features by delivering incremental value during development via vertical slices of work, communicating regularly with key stakeholders to keep expectations aligned, and distributing work efficiently
  • Onboarded quickly to a different team for a two month assignment to help them deliver a critical UI feature for an on-time launch
  • Championed tooling and process improvements, including improving automated test coverage and incorporating organized bug bashes into large feature development guidelines
  • Provided mentorship to junior engineers in the form of code reviews and pair programming
  • Wrote internal technical documentation around features, team processes and tech debt reduction to inform stakeholders and broaden impact of work beyond team
Software Developer III - Insitu
Remote (June 2018 - Present)
  • Currently implementing UI features and bug fixes for a media analysis application (Vue, vuex,
  • Led development of multiple robustly tested microservices (Node, Express, Jest), implementing best practices in areas including validation, caching, authentication, and REST API design
  • Championed continuous reflection and improvement of QA process across two teams, from implementing first-class automated tests to introducing black-box / exploratory testing into development cycle
  • Led overhaul of an application's local development setup (Docker, docker-compose, nginx) to create an easily reproducible and more production-like system
  • Led implementation of a comprehensive suite of UI automation tests ( across two different applications (500+ tests), resulting in dramatic improvements in test reliability, performance, and maintainability
Software Engineer in Test - Incomm
Portland, OR (May 2016 - May 2018)
  • Worked directly with front end engineers to implement a modern user interface for an internal admin application (React, Redux, Jest)
  • Transitioned to leadership role in the extension, maintenance and integration of automated UI and API testing frameworks. Reduced weekly regression testing time from days to hours
  • Contributed to a continuous delivery pipeline infrastructure-as-code prototype, providing for safe, automated deployments of a microservice to production on the merging of a pull request
  • Developed feature branch validation system via VCS host (GitHub) and CI tool (TeamCity)
  • Provided training, code reviews and mentorship to new QA engineers
Associate QA Engineer - Incomm
Portland, OR (December 2014 - May 2016)
  • Collaborated with senior SDET to build an end-to-end automated UI testing repository (Protractor) for customer and internal-facing applications
  • Designed API testing framework using npm libraries (Ava, Request-Promise, Yeoman) and custom JavaScript to dramatically improve API layer test coverage
  • Daily experience with an agile sprint development cycle and associated processes/tools
  • Conducted increasingly complex exploratory test sessions for bug and feature stories as a QA member of an 8-person cross functional product team
  • Active contributor to regular agile ceremonies and other specialized working groups

Education & Training

2019 - GraphQL Intensive Workshop (16 hrs), Cascadia JS 2019, Seattle, WA

2017 - React/Redux Intensive Workshop (40 hrs), Alchemy Code Lab, Portland, OR

2014 - Full Stack Development Course (700 hrs), Epicodus, Portland, OR

2009 - M.Ed, Curriculum and Instruction, Portland State University, Portland, OR

2005 - BA, International Relations, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA

Community Contributions

Lead Organizer, Hack the Dot (2018 / 2019 - Portland, OR)
Planned and coordinated three beginner friendly one-night hackathons around building a website for a mystery domain name

Speaker, Front End PDX (2018 - Portland, OR)
Prepared and gave a detailed presentation on using tooling to create deterministic dependency trees for JavaScript projects

Instructor, ACT-W Portland (2018 - Portland, OR)
Prepared and gave a detailed tutorial on testing web applications with

Personal Interests

Long Distance Backpacking | Urban Dodgeball | High Risk Juggling